Airbnb Management: Connecting Travellers and Hosts


If you are looking for short term accommodation or looking for people to occupy your unused space then Airbnb Management has a solution for you. With a presence in over 192 countries worldwide, Airbnb Management connects hosts and travellers in order to help them find what they are looking for. Hosts list their unused space, while travellers search and book for available accommodations. Airbnb has over a short period of time grown to become the most appealing at-the-comfort of your home budget-conscious tool for tourists and business travellers expecting to have the best experience in their travels.

It is imperative that you know when there is need to outsource your rental property management. Most people's decision to outsource their vacation rental property is driven by their desire for freedom. It is common knowledge for most hosts that one small mistake can cause mistrust. That is why the use of services such as Gold Coast Airbnb Management is an effective way to manage your property. Good service by Airbnb will ensure that you get a good network of clients who will keep coming back or who are likely to refer their friends to your property. It is no shocker that guests expect high service quality which is sometimes difficult for the owner to maintain on their own.

Airbnb lists a range of properties ranging from single rooms, apartments, suite of rooms, moored yachts, castles and even entire houses in their website. Listing is free and hosts determines how much to charge. Each listing offers the host the opportunity to promote houses through descriptions and photographs with captions as well as the user's profile where potential clients can get to learn something about the host. For more details about property management, visit .

Once travellers have found their ideal accommodation, they can then contact the host(s) via a secure online form found on each page listing and can submit their reservations by just clicking the "Book it" button and then enter their payment particulars through a secured payment system. Travellers are only charged once the host confirms the reservation. And they pay roughly between 6-12% service fee on top of reservation fee to cater for services such as Host Guarantee and customer support.

When the host ratifies the reservation and payment is made, Airbnb holds the payment on behalf of the host for 24 hours after the guest has checked in before releasing the money. Melbourne Airbnb Management deducts a 3% service fee from each reservation to cater for operational costs.